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a faith based collection of unique and beautiful jewelry and keepsake items to celebrate life’s journey, and to honor and remember our loved ones.


Tribute Code is so blessed to announce that we have partnered with some of the most amazing stores and boutiques where you can now find many of our items. Thank you to everyone who has trusted in us!

Dash Collection

Celebrate Life’s Journey with our beautiful, fun and modern collection. Find, customize or design personalized jewelry to celebrate birthdays, births, religious celebrations, graduations, weddings, anniversaries and so much more!

Why Dash? ‘Dash’ represents every experience, accomplishment and memory we live between our birth date and date we are awarded our angel wings. It is this dash (-) that we must celebrate and be proud of. Our Dash Collection offers fun and meaningful pendants for every occasion.

QR Code Jewelry and Keepsakes Collection

Our patent pending QR Code Collection offers a variety of modern, unique jewelry pieces, QR Code Plaques and memorial items each with our innovative system utilizing QR Code technology. These one of a kind products offer an innovative way to view and share the treasured memories left behind by our departed loved ones by scanning the customized QR Code that directs you to the online memorial page of your departed loved ones.
QR Codes are similar to bar codes and are easily read with any smartphone or computer enabled device using any free app.

Click here to view how simple QR Codes work:  Video on How it Works

Memorial Jewelry Collection

A meaningful collection of customized glass cabachon pendants and bracelets to honor and remember departed loved ones.

Dash Collection

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Celebrate Life’s Journey with our fun, modern, and customized jewelry collection for all events and occasions.

Memorial Pendants

Glass Pendant Dad

Our beautifully designed Memorial Pendants serve as an excellent way to honor any departed loved one and are also excellent condolence gifts.

Photo Engraved Jewelry


A gorgeous collection of personalized photo engraved pendants that are excellent for anyone/occasion. Full customization including custom text or a QR Code is available.

Memorial Keepsakes

A meaningful collection of memorial items and keepsakes for the home, garden or office to honor any departed loved ones.

QR Code Plaques


QR Code Plaques are creatively designed and customized to be placed at the resting site of your loved one or on any memorial location of your choice.

How QR Codes Work

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Through the use of modern QR Code technology, our departed loved one’s memories will be forever kept alive and close to you.

View video on How It Works

“And now these three things remain: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is LOVE” 1 Corinthians 13:13

View and share the memories left behind by your departed loved ones with our patent pending QR code products!

View video on How QR Code products Work.